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Brand advantage 16 years of product innovation design R & D technology precipitation Modern integrated bathroom production and sales enterprises.
Policy support Eight join in to support guarantee Escort, let you start a business without worry
Joining process Free from tedious steps, simple Clear process, so that you save time and worry
Franchise manual Strict screening criteria to ensure Join hands to create a new tomorrow
—————     PRODUCT ADVANTAGE     —————
Innovative R & D Technical pilotage
Various styles . It is widely used.
Outycar, adhering to independent original design research and development and continuous innovation, has more than 100 design patents.
Outycar takes original design and Seiko quality as its core value,
To simple, personality, light luxury, young, intelligent, elegant brand style.
Outycar  bathroom products, with its unique design inspiration and diversified product design, can be used in various high-end design space, increase the sense of design art, and is widely used in high-end villa residential, high-end hotel and other large-scale high-end design projects at home and abroad.
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Joining process: 1. Understand the conditions and requirements of joining. 2. Determine the intention of joining. 3. Fill in the franchise application form 4. The franchisee shall fill in the franchise application form and submit it to the company headquarters for review. 5. After receiving the application form, the headquarters will review the specific conditions and conditions of the franchisee. 6. The contract can be signed after passing the examination and notifying the applicant. The franchised company shall provide the text of the franchise contract. 8: The company signs a franchise contract with the franchisee to clarify the cooperation mode, rights and obligations of both parties. 9. After signing the contract, the franchisee shall prepay the payment for the first order. 10. According to the office address provided by the franchisee, the company determines the feasibility of the project and jointly determines the scheme.
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